Salgood Sam, wisdom from an art school drop out.

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We are so lucky to have an interview with our next guest. He’s been an integral part of the local indie comic scene for a long time, he’s versatile, busy and yet very generous with his knowledge. I’m very happy with this interview. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr.Salgood Sam! Nous sommes très choyés d’avoir une entrevue […]

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8 artistes, 16 cadeaux – 8 artists, 16 presents

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(This article is entirely bilingual, the first answer is the original answer I got, the one below is the translation by yours truly – Cet article est complètement bilingue, la première réponse est l’originale, la deuxième est ma traduction.) So, it’s almost the end of 2014 and everyone is scrambling to buy presents and soon […]

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Interview: Sophie Yanow

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Sophie Yanow, originally from California, is making her mark in Montreal as a cartoonist with an expressive style and sharp insights. Her collection of journal comics, titled In Situ, was published by Colosse. Her most recent book, War of Streets and Houses will be launched March 20th at Drawn & Quarterly. War of Streets and […]

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Retrospective 2013 partie 2

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Time for the second and last instalment of our team’s retrospective on 2013. This time it’s Suzanne and me, Chantal, talking about our favourite stuff of this year, from books to events. C’est le temps pour la deuxième et dernière édition de la rétrospective 2013 de l’équipe de Drink and Draw Mtl. Cette fois-ci, c’est […]

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Interview: Martine Frossard

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Montreal-based artist Martine Frossard creates beautiful and thought-provoking artwork using both 2D and 3D media. Fascinated with the experience of searching for identity, Martine creates a compelling atmosphere in each of her works: elements of geometry and architecture are layered with playful, humorous imagery to build uniquely sensitive portraits. Her public installations have been praised by critics and the public […]

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Interview: Kirsten McCrea / Papirmasse / Maison Kasini… TOGETHER AT LAST!

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“Art is Food…Feed the People”, and last week, per the motto of Galerie Maison Kasini, I had the great privilege of feasting with Montreal based drawing lady extraordinaire, Kirsten McCrea (KM), and gallery owner Ric Kasini Kadour (RK), on the subject of Paprimasse, drawing, and accessible art for the people!

Bon appetite!

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