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Jo-Anne Balcaen: J’adore ton travail (March 8)

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Image: The FUTURE (2013), Gouache on paper, 9″ x 20″ Head on over to Monastiraki tonight for the opening of Jo-Anne Balcaen‘s exhibition “J’adore ton travail,” a series of playful yet poignant typographic works that include ink and gouache on paper, letterpress, typewritten text and laser prints. Most of these pieces are being shown publicly for the […]

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Nuit Blanche is one of Montréal’s largest art parties, and it goes all night long. The number of events and exhibitions is staggering, the cold weather intimidating, but don’t let that hold you back from this immersive creative experience. We have picked through the extensive program and plucked out all the drawing-related events that should […]

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Entrevue: François Vaillancourt

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À première vue, on croirait des photos, mais il suffit de voir leur taille pour se rendre compte qu’il s’agit bel et bien de peintures. François Vaillancourt parle à Chantal Fournier, contributrice à Drink & Draw Montréal, de ses œuvres et de sa prochaine exposition intitulée Carte sur Table. Elle aura lieu au Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar, […]

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Book Launch: Susceptible by Geneviève Castrée (Feb 19)

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Susceptible, the anticipated first graphic novel of illustrator and comic artist Geneviève Castrée, launches its English edition this Tuesday at Drawn & Quarterly. With mesmerizing honesty Castrée resurrects the obscenely disorienting turning points of a childhood, the ones that haunt a person for a lifetime. After reading the last page I closed the book and […]

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Interview: Adam Waito

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The mysterious and ineffable thin, black typography seen on show posters throughout Montréal is the output of Adam Waito’s affinity for drawing. Accompanied with illustrations that display tongue-in-cheek humor and pop culture savvy, the recording artist of Adam and the Amethysts and promoter at Blue Skies Turn Black has a sharp graphic style that has no […]

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Jude Griebel: Cry The Right Shape (Monastiraki Feb. 8)

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An exhibition of pencil drawings by Jude Griebel opens this Friday at Monastiraki. Depicting tragic and disembodied figures in mysterious and supernatural circumstances, this recent series conveys a heightened sentimentality and sense of the fantastic… Cry The Right Shape: Feb 8 – March 3, Monastiraki (5478 St-Laurent). Vernissage: Feb 8, 6 – 9pm

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HB Magazine Launch + Interview / Lancement + Entrevue

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Exciting news lovers of drawing, Montréal has a brand new magazine dedicated to your favourite art form! HB launches their first issue this week, featuring contemporary drawing by a diverse group of emerging, established and fringe artists. With a focus on (but not limited to) Quebec and Canadian artists, this publication is sure to be an exciting […]

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Petit Guide de Survie pour Artiste II: Le talent

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Maintenant que j’ai parlé d’endroits où trouver d’autres artistes et où aller dessiner je peux m’attaquer à ma bête noire: le talent. Et bien, le talent, c’est un mythe. Oui oui, un mythe. Tout le monde peut apprendre à dessiner. Oui oui, tout le monde. Le stricte minimum c’est de voir quelque chose et de […]

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Interview: Luke Painter

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Luke Painter is an artist, educator and researcher based in Toronto. With a multifaceted approach that includes drawing, animation, and printmaking, his work has been exhibited and reviewed extensively in North America and abroad. On a recent trip to town Luke chatted with Drink & Draw Montréal contributor Olivier Krieger about  his interests, creative process, and […]

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Philippe Blanchard: New Troglodytes (Jan. 25)

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Toronto-based artist Philippe Blanchard brings his immersive installation New Troglodytes to ARPRIM this month. Comprised of animation and sculptures wrapped in screen-printed paper, the cave-like space will be lit with strobe lights and projectors that have been synchronized to an ambient soundtrack. During Nuit Blanche (Sat. March 2) these visuals will be synched to live music by […]

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