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Nuit Blanche is one of Montréal’s largest art parties, and it goes all night long. The number of events and exhibitions is staggering, the cold weather intimidating, but don’t let that hold you back from this immersive creative experience. We have picked through the extensive program and plucked out all the drawing-related events that should not be missed. We then asked a handfull of these exhibitors to tell us, in their own words, what they have planned for this most magical of nights…

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JIM HOLYOAK: LYCANTHROPE / Galerie Donald Browne (372 Ste-Catherine W. #528) 9pm – 2am

Jim Holyoak is a Montreal-based artist with a discipline comprised of drawing-installation and book-works exploring notions of culture and nature, the human and non-human, deep time and the present. Lycanthrope is a drawing installation that completely fills the walls with work done in black ink and other media. During Nuit Blanche, Holyoak will collaborate with Montreal artist Nick Kuepfer on a live-drawing live-music improvisation.

I conceived of the title, Lycanthrope (werewolf), last winter while I was an artist in residence in Finland, where it is approximated that only 150 wolves survive. Since then, I have been researching the decline of wolves all over the world, including the US and here in Canada. I have become concerned about our human tendencies to romanticize or demonize these animals, and wanted to do something that would benefit them, and bring attention to the peril they are in. On Nuit Blanche, there will be a donation jar at the gallery for Pacific Wild, an organization working to protect wolves from trophy hunting and their habitat from the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, proposed for British Columbia’s coast.

I hope [visitors] will experience too much, become saturated, and find themselves wandering, drifting, lost in a realm of nocturnal places and creatures, visual noise and lines…

PHILIPPE BLANCHARD: NEW TROGLODYTES / ARPRIM (372 Ste-Catherine W. #426) 8pm – 2am /

Philippe Blanchard is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto working in animation, screenprinting and installation. His exhibition New Troglodytes is a psychedelic romp inside a strobing animation that will be synced to live music for Nuit Blanche.

The idea [behind my technique] came from reading up on theatrical lighting tricks and also thinking about special effects techniques like greenscreen. I started with video projections of red, green and blue colours alternating. I tested a ton of different acrylic paints, inks, materials. [Syncing to live music] opens up the show in terms of how it functions. The art becomes a setting, the animation an environment or more of an event. It shows that animation as an art form can be tied experientially to a unique time and space, not just a form to be watched on any given screen.

I hope [visitors] experience something they couldn’t have imagined, something that feels quite new to them, but also something that makes them question what animation is, how it works and what it can be…


ANTOINE TAVAGLIONE: LA VOIE LACTÉE / ARTVstudio (175 Sainte-Catherines W) + ZONE 1 Place des Arts, 19h00- 3h00 +

Antoine Tavaglione, a Montreal-based contemporary artist, creates eye-popping cartoons with a unique style literally dripping with movement and playful pop art. Familiar characters and pop culture icons are treated with a “dripping milk” aesthetic, washing the familiar with a surreal and subverting effect.

This show will be composed of eye-candy cartoon characters and figures, all hand painted on wood and then cut-out. Some figures will be suspended by the ceiling and some of them will be mounted on the ground. We will get the feeling of being immersed in a 2D cartoon world […] where people and cartoons can co-exist.

In terms of interaction, there will be a type of photo booth set-up where the viewer can stand amoung a few characters while holding a cut-out treasure box filled with milk and bones. A photo will be taken of the person in pose, and the picture will be directly posted to a live feed on facebook. Also there will be a cut-out porky pig riding a scooter with two passengers behind him, the viewer will be able to go behind the cut-outs and pose for a snap shot…

*Watch for a full length interview with Antoine coming soon to D&D MTL!


Sara Graham is concerned with the issues and ideas of the contemporary city. Mapping has long been a central tenet of her artistic practice, and she is specifically engaged in a cross-disciplinary approach that incorporates philosophical, cultural, sociological and architectural criticism of the nature and condition of the city and city life.

I see drawing is an integral part of my practice and I refer to the majority of my work as drawings. For Art Souterrain I am presenting eight images from the StreetFinder series which is comprised of 11 large-scale photographs of altered Rand McNally Streetfinder mapbooks, that were originally transformed 15 years ago by me. Each photograph depicts the first page of the book, in which all of the information of the map had been removed except the expressways, highways and major roads. What remains was a complex, abstract latticework of road networks that are layered on top of each other.

My hope is that StreetFinder series provoke new ways of seeing a city and provide new insight into the urban landscape. StreetFinder raises questions about the “literal” nature of the map. Do maps create or represent reality? And what is the reality that they purport to either create or represent? Is reality truth or is it perception? And, how much does perception affect what one knows to be the truth? Do maps lie or do they make the truth visible? By manipulating the map itself, I have intervened in the logic of the city, constructing an alternative geography as well as a providing a different perspective of the city.



Anna Jane McIntyre is a multidisciplinary artist with a practice combining sculpture, performance, micro-activism and relationalism. Her Nuit Blanche installation invites visitors to create a tropical black light jungle-themed installation on the terrace of Atelier Graff.

It’ll be a fun low key relaxed friendly art making session. We will create a cardboard and paper jungle with fluorescent water-based inks. People can add to it with the materials provided. The pieces will be attached with twist ties, butterfly clips and hung on a grid of overhanging strings in a temporary tent. I am referencing [the work of] Kenny Scharf and Keith Haring, and that time period [1980s-90s]. Most likely I’ll be playing some sweet house music from the early 90’s. There will be apple cider and animal crackers, unfortunately the cider has to be alcohol free…


Caroline Swift is a Montreal artist who lived in South Korea for two and a half years. While there she discovered Hanji, a special type of Korean paper she uses for her ink paintings.

The inspiration behind this installation is “lightness of being.” My project consists of 25 or so abstract “paintings” done with watercolor and ink on Hanji, a very light Korean paper, and some similar Japanese paper. While in Korea, I started playing with this paper and different mediums. I found that watercolor would stain the paper and spread in a way that was not controllable and really interesting.

These paintings will be hung from the ceiling so as to create a room filled with color. As the paper is very light in weight and texture, the feeling when entering the room would be of a “lifting of spirits.” I’ll have gloves at the entrance to the show to let people know they can touch the paper. I always disliked the rule of “do not touch the artwork” during gallery trips…

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