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by Drink & Draw MTL on February 24, 2011

Sofeel is a Montreal artist whose zine and comic work stems from her life experiences. Her most recent project, Yes, Yes, No… The story of one of many virgins, came largely out of her personal journals and sketchbook. Having helped edit the piece, I thought it would be neat if she shared a bit of the process here. Sofeel draws quickly, crossing out things that don’t work, often redrawing mouths or eyes several times until she gets them right. I loved this aspect of her work, and suggested she keep some of the mistakes…

“Most of my creative time in 2010 consisted of revisiting my old diaries and gathering resource material and content to piece together a story that would suitably depict my virgin days. It obviously wasn’t the most pleasant process, and developed in me a great sense of mourning. But the biggest challenge was to detach myself enough to keep a critical eye; the last thing I wanted was for the comic to be bad. These images show the illustrating process, which was all completed using a pen, leaving me with a lot of digital editing. When Aimée suggested I leave some of these mistakes in I was like: ‘Huh? Nooo, it will seem so unprofessional!’ But after some thought and convincing, the conclusion was that it gave the illustrations more personal depth and emotion. I was quite happy with the final result.”

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